Thursday, December 16, 2004

Genome in Singapore

After the storm comes the calm or was it before the storm that there is calm. In any case got some time to pound my keyboard for a while.. Singapura, the way some call it has a unique Singlish (Singapore English ala Hinglish) where every sentence you speak is almost ends with “la”…

“yes, la.. ”, “no, la” etal.. something similar to our own Indian version of “da”, “ra”, “ri”, “ray”, where “da” is mostly used in Tamilsh, “ra” in Telugish, “ri” in Kannadish, “ray” in Hinglish.
The more convent educated, the likes of urban elite who attend missionary schools, end their sentences with a “no” making it sound as if it was “isn’t is so??”

But at times I have come across those who use a dignified pause between sentences with an eager-to-know-if-you-have-got-my-point expression in their eyes.

The point here is, when I met my current client for the first time in Singapura, I was late for meeting by a grand margin of 3 hrs, (never in my life a client was so patient to wait for me) and he reminded of some one whom I know very closely, my brother-in-law.

I was introduced to him warmly by my host, but when I saw him, I even forgot to utter “how do you do!?!” how can some one be so similar to someone back home???

The physical build, height, weight, color complexion, facial features (at least 70%) – that is distinctly delicate with some kind of brightness in eyes. (Hey don’t get me wrong, am not of a woman, but just trying to get my point across)

All the while I was trying to gauge him as to if it was jet lag or was he looking same as that of my bil? When the meeting began and he started to speak it was unbelievable.

His voice, the tone, the style of speech was exactly same !!!!

As mentioned before he too would make a small pause between two logical sequences/steps and gives a quick glance that has a question “got my point?” I noticed this whenever I talked to my bil. If the expression on your face says that it was over head transmission, he immediately goes deep into the subject and take it on from there and sees to it that you understand the whole thing. Both did the same thing. (At times I wonder how they got so much of patience to handle this kind of communication, while I was more like an Aloha protocol, no start, no end, no logic. May this tribe increase. Wish my teachers were as patient as them)

All through the meeting I was concentrating on his talking style, body language, voice, tone, etc than what he was saying. (Of course I was confident that my colleagues were making a note of it, so I can always refer back).

The same question lingered that night in my mind and thought it was due to jet lag and fatigue and next day I would see something else. But my wish was not full filled. He was the same.How can two people be so similar in all the aspects?

Well, I remembered what my grandma told me long ago. Brahma (The God of creation) would create seven people who are similar in all aspects. Was this true? If he has created seven of same type, then the world would have seen seven Hitlers by now. (of course seven Aishwarya Rais too).. but we have seen only one such personality and we are always drilled by our new age Gurus that “You are unique!!” (A by line here is – slogan of tourism Singapore is “Uniquely Singapore”)

If every one was unique, then why am I seeing two people alike – in all aspects? Then it occurred to me that, the greatest developer/programmer of this world The God is under great stress!! Look at the population explosion. So as every programmer worth his salt would do, he “leveraged” the code for human manufacturing. In other words he was doing a cut-paste job up there in heaven and getting paid for it.

The only thing was he was intelligent enough to do some variable substitutions here and there, so that clients feel that the solution was developed especially for them.

Never the less, I solved the mystery of Genome, did I? All those who are doing R & D on genetic engineering may concur with me that there is some common code in all of us, the base class. As the inheritance chain goes on, other attributes keep on adding to it, which makes all the difference.

May be some day, someone would know how to crack this code and ensure that every one is the same and live in harmony. Wishful thinking… .

Both of the above said gentlemen are marked a copy of this mail, so you can feel that you are not alone, there are others who are going through this ordeal of reading my mail, a poetic justice.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Where do you stand

The recent acquisition of PeopleSoft by Oracle has given a new dimension to the entire thought process for an ordinary software fellow like me … there was a time when we took pride in telling one and all that we belong to a particular creed of products.. we develop some thing on such and such product or software… something like fanatics…

Yes we are and were IT fanatics while the real ones are after some abstract concept called religion etal… we developers (I still call myself a developer ) took pride in saying that we work on open source, work on Java generics… had some kind of contempt for MS and IBM guys..

In real terms there was no need for contempt, but had contempt.. Never understood why.. Nor questioned why… it was cult system…

In the enterprise arena there were groups of fans who vouched their life for a product…. I know many a few who were into hard-core PeopleSoft fans and blissfully ignored other tools that have a better functionality or even better interface… Same was the case with SAP, Seibel, Ariba…

Now the paradigms have changed…

I am hurt… some thing similar to the ordinary soldier who lays down his life for a nation in a war of acquisition only to find that the two countries are joining together to form a greater force… for the top brass it was only a matter of business… for some one down below it was his life…

Once I remember, we suggested a major client to go in for PeopleSoft instead of Oracle Apps 10G … why we did it… cause we were in that idol worship of PeopleSoft.. to blissfully ignore other tools and even generate a report showing PeopleSoft in a better light…

Where do I stand in front of my client if I come across him on street….

I feel betrayed…

May be – in this world of business, one needs to be live in a “as-matter-of-fact” way, where there is no sense of belonging, no sense of pride in the tool we use....

Live the day as it is…

Who is the culprit.. definitely not the business guy… it is you who fell for that mirage!!!!