Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Adrenaline Rush

There were times in life when one gets some adrenaline rush to do something that is unimaginable. It was a hot June afternoon in '98, when that kind of surge took place in me. For days together I was depressed that some Ms.J (then she was Ms) was getting married to a stranger, while she had promised to marry me only few weeks ago. It was too much a burden for me, understandably.

My calls were not answered, my attempts to reach her were futile as she refused to speak to me. There seemed no hope of seeing her, nor knowing the reason why she was doing what she was planning to do. Being a very curious person, my curiosity made me kill the cat.I heard a reference of one of her childhood friends, Ms.H, who stayed close by her place, while talking with J few months ago. It occurred to me that she may hold the key which can unravel the mystery as to why J was marrying someone. So that afternoon I got a surge to meet that girl under any cost.

Ravi, my good buddy and a distant relative, accompanied that fact finding mission. We both reached her door step, with a little bit of enquiry here and there. An aging bald chap opened the door and asked us the reason for being there, for which we promptly answered that we were H's classmates and we want to meet her.

With a look of little surprise he invited us inside him home, made us feel comfortable with a breeze of air cooler, which was a refreshing change after those mid-afternoon enquiry sessions under the blazing sun.

We were made to understand that the H was out and was expected in a short while during which we learnt that the gentleman was her father. Soon Tea was served with some biscuits and my hopes of meeting this person and explaining her my situation and then getting the reasons for the sudden change in J's decision were growing.

Suddenly, that gentleman asked me where I was H's classmate, for which I casually said "During our graduation".

There was a glint of smile on H's parents.

Breaking a few moments of silence, her father asked me, "How can you be my daughter's classmate in a woman's college?"

There was nothing more we could do, Ravi and I, promptly got up and started for door.Even amidst the requests of the old couple to sit down, we rushed towards door mumbling something.

After that there was a two hours of silence between Ravi and me as we both were digesting the fatal facts.

Note: All the characters narrated in this incident are real, alive and living somewhere on this planet and while this incident happened they were all in Hyderabad.

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