Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Batman Begins

Wanted a day off in the evening, or was it a sudden surge to leave early, don't know exactly what, left office at 6:34 P.M SGT. For those of you who live on the lighter side of this planet, office life in Singapore starts at 9:00 A.M and goes on till you drop dead in your seat.

Pramod and Ravi gave some "valid" reasons for not joining for the movie, so had to make my movie journey myself.

6:37 P.M. landed up in the crowded local train to City Hall, while all my surroundings looked same, every one with the same dressing style females dark suit, males ditto. The only way you can differentiate a male and female here is with the amount of cloth they use in their dress. Less the cloth, more feminine the gender.

6:43 P.M. out of train, walked in the subway from station to Marina Square, all the way was dotted with shops selling technically correct and pratically useless goods. What is so technically correct, the term "consumer goods". The near naked cloths that these fashion mall - rather called the 'hypermalls' - sell can even put my nation's begger to shame.

Constant shouts in the microphone by some local army Subedar, as a part rehersals of the local nation's 40th 'National Day' celebrations, started another stream of thoughts.

What might be the total size of these fellow's army, hardly 100,00. The total nmber of dudes who are citizens itself ids just over 40 lacs - forget the floating populations and labourers like me, just citizens and permanent residents (green card types). I feel that if all the faction warriors of my native Kurnool out number the entire army of Singapore. (About factionism - some other day)

Yet, look at the amount of noise that this army can do, loud speakers here and there. Flying choppers every few hours, taking a huge flag - made of imported cloth, ofcourse. They dont have anything - except a few square kilometers of place on this planet. Approximately 700 Sq.Km which includes sea waters, small islands or islets and not to forget those pebbels on the shore.

7:05 P.M. took tickets from the counter and walked to my designated chair. To my surprise, the time printed on the ticket was 6:45 P.M but still there was no sign of movie in the theater. All around me I could only see elderly Can-Kens and some romantic couples.

7:15 P.M. movie started, good - atleast at some place they work as per my nations proud IST (Indian Streachable Time)

After the movie, again my thoughts came back to my own nation, my own place. As is the state of Gotham City in that movie, my place too is infested with corruption and darkness. It is high time that we need a Batman to clean up. It is a ficiton, so we can see a hero, single handedly take on the world or his city.

Dont you think that as individuals if we take on the task of cleaning up our own mess, our place can be far better than the promised Heaven after death.

Cant we realise that if as individuals we act and behave in the way it is expected, with integrity and character, our place, our nation, our planet can be better off for many more milliniums to come.

Let there be light - pay your electricity bill regularly and stop using proliferated power.


Xenas said...

Doesnot Raayalaseema have the highest incidence of "power pilfering" cases?

anyways - If u want to have a look at it try this

Rama said...

You have a wonderful style of writing.

Singapore is a nice place to visit, but I felt it too artificial compared to India, well my opinion. (could be the frog in the well syndrome :P )