Monday, June 20, 2005

Bday blues

As a norm every year, I do something that I have never done before. Yesterday, I realized that I did not do anything "special".

Dashed to Mustafa - the only place where we Indians in Singapore feel comfortable to buy - or is it a mob syndrome - never the less went there, got a "Skateboard" with some protective gears.

Went to West Coast park to try them out. After a relentless three hours of experiments with around a dozen falls (bum shaking) I could manage a distance of 10 meters. Cool isn't it.

I can never forget the "look" that the near-by teenagers gave me, when I was busy with my experiments. Imagine a 29 year old, near quintal weighing, Indian dude trying out a skateboard... he hee.... [chuckles]

One gentleman in his late 60s - Indian - said to me "Good, good... you are at least trying something" when I had a miserable fall on the concrete path in the park.

"Never say, never again" - Tomorrow, am again back in park!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anil..Your blogs are cool..But why go all the way to Mustafa to buy Skates..You can get that even somehwre near your house..

Well..i appreciate you like that old man that you atleast tried to do something new..

Anonymous said...

Well done!!! Never stop learning something new. Learning is a continious process where age is not a bar/block

Mani Kiran said...

Cool!!! we have to learn some new things from old things. Age is not a mandatory for any art. Art is in ourselves it is not get by the others. try and try until win....