Monday, June 13, 2005

Fresh morning

13-June: Morning

Woke up for a fresh morning, from the window of my 10th storey apartment I could see bright day light welcoming me to work. After a while I found myself walking on the rain cleaned streets of Singapore. The sweet aroma of coffee and Milo from the food courts dotted along the walk to MRT along with the occasional shout of 'koopiaaa' by the coffee servers at these counters, made me swell with joy of another wonderful week at office.

MRT, the same crowd, same faces, with same kind of dress, every one here wears same kind of cloths and has same kind of expression, sombere (or is it moronous, he he...) and the same anouncement "sila hamirpurhatian demik islamathan blah blah... "

Reached office, same desks, same workaholic blokes at the desk, looking seriously busy...

Reached desk... same monitor, same desk pinups... Same Shit, Different Day....

Where did my freshness go... [chuckles]

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