Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tsunami Hits

Srinivas Divi, was one of our good old friends, with an air of conniving look on his face, but was the most mild and timid one among the group. Well, those were my bachelor days and when I say he was “timid”, it obviously refers to the stance that one takes when approaching girls. Yet his sprits were always high and used to say to all of us that some day, some one would definitely be there for him. As life is, we had to move on in our life and our interaction got to a stage of a mail once in a while.

After nearly five years, one day he suddenly called up to inform that he was getting engaged and his marriage date was fixed. My knowledgeable assumption that it was arranged was correct. After that day our interaction became almost daily, may it be chat, mail or call. Every day, he used to tell us as to how he was going ahead with ‘music’ of his life Vani. How she was talking to him etal. I was happy that at last the priest got his Goddess to worship. All the conversation was full of her.

One day, after Tsunami, while I was on my way back from office, my mobile gave its usual buzz. It was Divi, with a heavy voice at the other end. When I asked for the reason, in that Chennai traffic sounds around, he told me that Tsunami has taken away Vani. Not knowing what to say, I told him that I would return his call after I go home. The real reason was, I needed some composure to talk to him.

All along the way I was thinking how this bloke might fare with his life and what will happen to him next. His dreams, his notions.. that was a very cruel joke by nature.

At home, I immediately made a call to Divi,

“Hello, Divi, how are you feeling now?!?, was in traffic so had to cut the conversation. Am really sorry to know what happened? ”

“Yes, I too feel bad, but what can be done, life is like that.”

“Well, don’t spiral into depression or do something to yourself. It is part of file”, said I.

“Yes, Anil, I know it… “ said Divi.

“Well, I understand that after all the preparations and mind set ready for marriage, it is hard to take this kind of shocks. How are your parents reacting?”

“Why will my parents feel bad for that? And why will my marriage stop??!!” said Divi.

Well, got dumbstruck, how can Divi talk like this? How can he be so immune to this grave loss of life? I felt that this shock has set him into a different plane altogether and he is now emotionally blunted to core.

After a few moments of silence, Divi said, “Phani’s parents were in Hyderabad, spoke to them. They are recovering now.”

“Well, Tsunami??..” muttered me.

“What Tsunami??”

“What happened??” I barked not able to contain my emotion at the way he was talking. No correlation to what he was saying. Vani died and he talks of Phani. When asked about Tsunami, he says what Tsunami. He has really gone into delirium. At the same time making plans to go to Hyderabad to meet him in person and take stock of situation.

Then he coolly said, “Well, Phani met with a train accident in Mumbai and his parents were in Hyderabad today. And why are you shouting at me??”

Then it dawned on me that it was Phani – another friend of ours – met with a fatal accident and Divi made a remark about Tsunami and if we were safe.

Moral of the Story:
Listen, not hear. Never make assumptions from bits and piece of information.

A byline – Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.

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