Thursday, December 22, 2005


Do you know what differentiates humans from animals, coffee!!!...

Just the other night while I was lazing in bed try to catch few winks I remembered that “sleep” was a symptom of less consumption of coffee. There was a time when I advocated that coffee was a vitamin and took with pride the example of Turks, who way back in early 15th century made it a law, for every woman can divorce her husband when she is not given ample coffee everyday.

Well, the question that ranted my mind all along was – is there coffee after death!!!

Forget having life after death, what is life with out coffee. Was there coffee before life??

Why few centuries ago there was no reason why petroleum existed, same was true to coffee. They were not needed by humans in those days why? There were no geniuses at that time. Petrol for a speeding cars and coffee for intelligent brains, were unknown then.

Now with the world at a click of buttons, we need something that can demarcate between the mere morals with that of the genius.

A song I heard long ago, the singers says – clouds in the cup of coffee, why did she mention coffee. Her feeling of hurt about being jilted by an intelligent man were expressed like “you are so vain, you probably think there are clouds in your coffee cup”

Why coffee?? Because coffee is coffee….

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Corruption Zindabad

We all in India would have played our part in making India so-called ‘corrupt’ and also in some point of our life shouted slogans against it. I remember, as a student, doing a ‘rasta roko’ against all issues haunting India, from Pakistan occupying Kashmir to corruption. Those days, I did it for sake of building an ‘Image’ in front of my dear female classmates.

Never the less, today, I want to support our dear ‘corrupt’ Govt. employees and shout out loud on streets of India “Corruption Zindabad!” I openly want to request to all those whom I may have hurt in past, to forgive me, for my loud mouthed accuses and abuses against their unwanted ‘perks’.

Well, today morning I was in world famous, Changi International Airport, Singapore, to see off my co-code-coolies back to India. There is marketing gimmick used by Singapore Govt. in luring travelers to buy from their over-flooded shopping centers, which often sell technically correct but practically useless electronic goods or over priced ‘branded’ cosmetics or ‘branded’ cloths that can put to shame even an average Indian beggar, by giving out statements like ‘GST Refundable’. The point is the fine print is always hidden being those glittering neon lights.

Every coolie, when he/she goes back to India, always ends up buying all kinds of useless things, either for sake of peer pressure or due to the impression that ‘It is cheaper in Singapore than in India’. (Laptops, phones, Cloths etc are cheaper in India.)

In order to dodge the GST, we coolies always invite our immediate family members to visit Singapore, buy goods in their name, then claim the GST refund. GST is 5% and is levied on any thing, including use of toilets. Refund is for tourist, not for residents, coolies on EP etc.

Yes, we are trying to twist the existing rule by brining in our relatives here and buy goods, but that is no crime, simple arrow that clears two birds, visit of parents/relative and hard earned money back from useless GST.

Well, today Ms.R, who is a part of the battalion that is leaving back to India, was with her mother at the GST reclaim counter. After nearly 15 minutes she was back with the group, with a tinge of anger in her eyes.

‘I hate these fellows’ was the only sentence she said. We all understood what might have happened there.

It is a common knowledge that these up-straight-Govt.-servants of Singapore usually flirt with Indian female travelers at the GST counter, by making awkward passes, uncalled for remarks, unwanted questions etc.

What business does the beautiful smile of an Indian female got to do with the simple stamp on the refund form, which states that the person is leaving by such and such flight?

Why on earth does the jonnies need details like boyfriends etc for giving the clearance?

‘I prefer paying 100 bucks to Indian officer, who doesn’t ogle at me and does his work, rather than standing in front of these jokers answering all the flirtiest questions for sake of 100 dollar refund’ expressed one female colleague of mine, after once such incident.

Finally ‘Corruption Zindabad’ at least our fellows have respect for “Sthree”.