Thursday, December 22, 2005


Do you know what differentiates humans from animals, coffee!!!...

Just the other night while I was lazing in bed try to catch few winks I remembered that “sleep” was a symptom of less consumption of coffee. There was a time when I advocated that coffee was a vitamin and took with pride the example of Turks, who way back in early 15th century made it a law, for every woman can divorce her husband when she is not given ample coffee everyday.

Well, the question that ranted my mind all along was – is there coffee after death!!!

Forget having life after death, what is life with out coffee. Was there coffee before life??

Why few centuries ago there was no reason why petroleum existed, same was true to coffee. They were not needed by humans in those days why? There were no geniuses at that time. Petrol for a speeding cars and coffee for intelligent brains, were unknown then.

Now with the world at a click of buttons, we need something that can demarcate between the mere morals with that of the genius.

A song I heard long ago, the singers says – clouds in the cup of coffee, why did she mention coffee. Her feeling of hurt about being jilted by an intelligent man were expressed like “you are so vain, you probably think there are clouds in your coffee cup”

Why coffee?? Because coffee is coffee….


Tina said...

I am not sure apart from the Software professionals and professional nightouters anybody appreciates the Coffee... of course not forgetting the late night outers....

jaabalimuni said...

Has the word coffee originated from caffein since coffee has that stimulating alkaloid in it which makes one addict to it.Poeople say"Let us sit over a cup of coffee" to have a pleasant conversation but tea has no place there.South Indians take coffee feeling as though they drink nectar.Black coffee is not for Indians inspite of being black-skinned.The three words "coffe,caffein and cafe" are so well knitted we alaways find them together.