Friday, March 31, 2006

RFID in manholes

Where all will they take RFID…

From the obvious supply chain, warehouse management, to disaster recovery, then it was road show..

Now, guess what.. it is a manhole… what next..

Pasco, bitcorn, and KDDI Network&Solutions announced that they will together develop a so-called Intelligent Manhole System. RFID tags will be embedded in manhole covers in order to support critical tasks in a disaster situation.

The tagged manhole covers are for example used to provide information about things buried underground like sewer pipes. Since the sytem is linked to a local government's GIS system, rescue workers can use a handheld RFID reader (possibly bluetooth-enabled) and mobile phones/PDAs to display the data stored in the tags as well as the relevant information from the GIS system (e.g., photo maps, scheme drawings of a city's lifeline infrastructure). Such an information system may help repair damaged lifeline infrastructure quicker.

btw, here's a photo collection of Japanese manhole covers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Panini : Father of Computing

Due recognition at last....

Computer World

10 Emerging Technologies

Ten emerging technologies that will make a difference:
  1. Nuclear Reprogramming
  2. Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  3. Comparative Interactomics
  4. Pervasive Wireless
  5. Cognitive Radio
  6. Epigenetics
  7. Stretchable Silicon
  8. Nanobiomechanics
  9. Nanomedicine
  10. Universal Authentication

For details check out the complete article at Genetic Engineering News

Monday, March 20, 2006

Quake and RFID

I was cynical when RFID was hailed as the next-best-thing after sliced bread. (Even today, I tend to be so.) Nevertheless, Japanese have come up with an innovative way for faster recovery from their earth quakes with the help of RFID.


Well, here is an advice from the great guy himself. Guy Kawasaki.

Dudes never underestimate the power of leverage… Archimedes, in his own days said, “Show me a place to put in my fulcrum, will move the world”. That is the power of leverage and fulcrum.

It not only helps you to have knowledge of the Physics, but also the practical use of it. What benefit does it give you, if you know all the three laws of Newton, if you don’t oil your bike well?

In Telugu they say, “Kanaka, Kaantha laku longani vaadu, Kaaka ku longada”. Roughly translating, it means “He, who doesn’t fall for wealth and women, will fall for flattery”

Hee, heee.. isn’t it cynical

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Recently checked this series on CNN. [

Found that most of those who really matter to new age economy, have certain common traits. (No, no, not those 7 effective habits way, something similar)

1) Highly disciplined (They followed a similar daily routine for at least two decades)

2) Wake up early. (Granny’s saying, rise before the Sun if you want to raise in world. Notice there is a rise and a raise in the previous sentence.)

3) Frugal use of email/mobile gadgets. (hmn.. how about throwing out the latest Nokia communicator. All know what a Blackberry is, but don’t use one)

4) Contemplate on Meta-physical thing. (Be it yoga, meditation, prayer or just brooding, they all set aside a portion of 24 hrs for the same.)

5) Take care of their health and exercise regularly.

6) Spend at least one complete day in a week with family. That one day no work related activities.

Al of us have the same 24 hrs and same 7 days a week.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Mobile Mill Stone

Imagine this. You give a verbose of 10 minutes explaining the situation/idea only to get a simple, careless ‘Shoot a mail’ from the person concerned. You oblige the same, only to get a call when you least expect, from the same chap to ‘discuss’ the situation/idea.

Don’t you think that “mobile computing” is a costly convenience and a necessary evil. One can quote some thousands of benefits of the mobile phones and the laptops, but at times can be felt like personal space intrusion. Generally, basic lack of manners or respect or discipline is the root cause.

IT guys delivered projects in time, some decade’s back, with out the aid of these many “mobile devices”. Any major company in IT, which is more than 10 years old, is the proof. Disciple at both personal and organizational levels was the reason.

I don’t remember any older generation IT guys working late at nights even today. In premier IT companies, veterans still don’t use mobile phones and circulate their mobile number as sweets on a festival day. Simply because they are disciplined and pay attention when it is needed, not when they ‘think’ it is needed.

Even today veterans do not ‘carry-work-home’ (in form of laptops), cause they judiciously use their time in office. Unless, one is always on move, like the techno-marketing personnel or infrastructure support guys, there is no earth shaking reason for a common developer to use laptops (of course, to show off). At times, I wonder is laptop around one’s neck is an anthropological reminder of the “millstones-around-neck” punishment of medieval ages.

May be, we all need to really look at the conveniences of technology for increasing the productivity rather than procrastinating decision making and intruding into others time space.
At the time of this writing, am using a laptop and after the same, plan to disturb my team member for a status update. [Chuckles]