Thursday, March 16, 2006


Recently checked this series on CNN. [

Found that most of those who really matter to new age economy, have certain common traits. (No, no, not those 7 effective habits way, something similar)

1) Highly disciplined (They followed a similar daily routine for at least two decades)

2) Wake up early. (Granny’s saying, rise before the Sun if you want to raise in world. Notice there is a rise and a raise in the previous sentence.)

3) Frugal use of email/mobile gadgets. (hmn.. how about throwing out the latest Nokia communicator. All know what a Blackberry is, but don’t use one)

4) Contemplate on Meta-physical thing. (Be it yoga, meditation, prayer or just brooding, they all set aside a portion of 24 hrs for the same.)

5) Take care of their health and exercise regularly.

6) Spend at least one complete day in a week with family. That one day no work related activities.

Al of us have the same 24 hrs and same 7 days a week.

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