Saturday, March 4, 2006

Mobile Mill Stone

Imagine this. You give a verbose of 10 minutes explaining the situation/idea only to get a simple, careless ‘Shoot a mail’ from the person concerned. You oblige the same, only to get a call when you least expect, from the same chap to ‘discuss’ the situation/idea.

Don’t you think that “mobile computing” is a costly convenience and a necessary evil. One can quote some thousands of benefits of the mobile phones and the laptops, but at times can be felt like personal space intrusion. Generally, basic lack of manners or respect or discipline is the root cause.

IT guys delivered projects in time, some decade’s back, with out the aid of these many “mobile devices”. Any major company in IT, which is more than 10 years old, is the proof. Disciple at both personal and organizational levels was the reason.

I don’t remember any older generation IT guys working late at nights even today. In premier IT companies, veterans still don’t use mobile phones and circulate their mobile number as sweets on a festival day. Simply because they are disciplined and pay attention when it is needed, not when they ‘think’ it is needed.

Even today veterans do not ‘carry-work-home’ (in form of laptops), cause they judiciously use their time in office. Unless, one is always on move, like the techno-marketing personnel or infrastructure support guys, there is no earth shaking reason for a common developer to use laptops (of course, to show off). At times, I wonder is laptop around one’s neck is an anthropological reminder of the “millstones-around-neck” punishment of medieval ages.

May be, we all need to really look at the conveniences of technology for increasing the productivity rather than procrastinating decision making and intruding into others time space.
At the time of this writing, am using a laptop and after the same, plan to disturb my team member for a status update. [Chuckles]

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