Friday, March 31, 2006

RFID in manholes

Where all will they take RFID…

From the obvious supply chain, warehouse management, to disaster recovery, then it was road show..

Now, guess what.. it is a manhole… what next..

Pasco, bitcorn, and KDDI Network&Solutions announced that they will together develop a so-called Intelligent Manhole System. RFID tags will be embedded in manhole covers in order to support critical tasks in a disaster situation.

The tagged manhole covers are for example used to provide information about things buried underground like sewer pipes. Since the sytem is linked to a local government's GIS system, rescue workers can use a handheld RFID reader (possibly bluetooth-enabled) and mobile phones/PDAs to display the data stored in the tags as well as the relevant information from the GIS system (e.g., photo maps, scheme drawings of a city's lifeline infrastructure). Such an information system may help repair damaged lifeline infrastructure quicker.

btw, here's a photo collection of Japanese manhole covers.

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