Thursday, April 27, 2006

Damned if you excel, damned if you dont

This is the annual appraisal time at our place... The buzz words are "hike", "increment" ..
I pity the positive anticipation on part of Code Coolies.
Carrot and Stick at it's best!!!
At the end, it is only the stick for coolies and carrots for managers.
Why??!!! Culprit "The Bell Curve" of Statistics, where things are 'normalised'
Guess what.... the end of the bell curves are either too low performers or too high performers.
But Mediocrity wins....
If you strive to excel, you are at the end of curve, so no great hike. If you don't, then at the other end.
Damned if you excel , damned if you don't!!!
For further reading check, this, this and this. Seth Godin gives his best.....
PS:: Am a mediocre coolie, so waiting for my carrot.


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