Friday, April 7, 2006

Ethnic Dress Day, Today

There is a saying in Telugu "Puli ni choosi Nakka vaathalu pettukundi" meaning, A fox got itself scars to become a Tiger. In other words, mimicking a Tiger doesn't make a Fox a Tiger.

That is what has happened today with me. In last few days there was a thread of mails going around in our center/practice, that today we will observe "Ethnic Dress Day". A self styled club was formed, names ranging from Hungama to eternity were suggested, and people were 'energetic'.

As usual, today I went to a meeting at a different location, in formal cloths (Friday dressing, of course) and then went back all the way to my home, crossing over my office, to change into ethnic cloths.

 At home front, my wife was surprised to see me take out my old "marriage" day cloths, get them repressed, try them out etc and promptly commented, "Oh!  Getting married again. Good riddance".

 Well, landed up in office, when my plight started. Security personnel, administrative helpers etc started to giggle, as I walked toward office, after parking my vehicle. Our Telephone operator wished me with a tinge of smile than usual monastic way.

 I can never forget the look on our SBU Chief's face, who was talking on his mobile, at his favorite smoking spot. (A kind of amused, bewilderment)

 Upon entering our work floor, to my astonishment, I was the only one, in Ethic cloths. Rest all were in usual Friday dress and I was the only one who was "overly Ethnically dressed".

 Imagine a near-quintal fellow like me dressed in White laalchi and silk "pancha" worn in traditional way (tucking in back, after taking the cloth between the legs)

 Huh.. so much for the Tigers…. Wonder what happened to those "energetic" types, who are always in the forefront,  even for a silly thing like saying a hello to boss??

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Surya said...

haha, that reminds me there was this guy who came to hp in traditional tamil lungi dress and in office walked around pulling and tying it up much like they do in the movies. he recently was shown the door, not for his dressing sense, i suppose.