Saturday, April 29, 2006

Indian Student dies in Armenia due to Racial Discrimination

A medical course student from India, Prashant Anchalia Yerevan studying in state medical university in Armenia dies in university campus allegedly due to medical negligence and co-students complain of racial discrimination as well.
While no one knows the facts, the blogosphere coverage of the events clearly show the ham handed attitude of the Armenian academia. In fact if the postings in the blogs covering the events are indeed correct, Indians need to review going there for further studies or doing business with them.
The blog world is taking up the issue quite seriously in a concerted way with posts covering the various protest moves and In fact an Armenian blogger, Onnik Krikorian is taking the lead here. While, I do not know where the events and coverage would progress into, but as I see it, clearly the pressure is building up inside the system to correct things and Blogosphere is playing a very useful & constructive role here.


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