Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Started a new company

Last weekend, I was reviewing my last year’s financial performance.

The Indian Financial year and Telugu New Year nearly coincided, so could not stop thinking that way, especially when my balance sheet showed me to be having a net worth of Rs. 56.80/-. (Of course, way better than last few years YoY).

Decided to do something to make a good buck and started my Web 2.0 Company, which will work on ALE (Ajax Linking and Embedding).

Name of the company is, synonym for, but is it Web 2.0, so needs to end with an “r”. (Incidentally, kuapr is acronym for KUrnool Anil PRasad.) Now am waiting for the cash flow… :-)

Everyone's cashing in on it already, why shouldn’t I? (And you should try it too.) You can be the next Flickr, MySpace, Craigslist, YouTube, or or kuapr

Here's how it is done, in simple and easy steps*:

1. Dream up a Web 2.0 product/service
2. Give it a cool name
3. Add a catchy catchphrase [or a tacky tagline, whichever makes you sound cooler]
4. Sell your company to Yahoo!

[*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.]

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