Monday, May 29, 2006

Akhilesh Mithal - Reg

Dear All,
Yesterday's DC carried "Ithihass" by Sri. Akhilesh Mithal. I object to the following in his article. (Can someone provide me his mail-id.)
"The darkest age of Indian history, British Rule, started in 1757. Sirajuddowlah, betrayed by his Diwan Raja Durlabhram Bose-Som lost the Battle of Plassey to Robert Clive. The Raja subverted the loyalty of Mir Bakhshi (Army commander and paymaster) Mir Ja'afar by offering him the gaddi of Murshidabad. Three out of the four divisions of the Nawab's army did not fight the battle of Plassey."

We all know of Mir Jaffer, where did this Raja come from?? (From a pipe dream???)
"Constructive use should be made of the Netaji heritage instead of wasting time, money and effort on whether or not he died on August 18, 1945."
If truth is not out, then why this Govt? If all heros' die unsung and are relegated to legacy, this nation would go to dogs.
Anil Prasad

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