Sunday, May 7, 2006

IBM out of touch with ground realities.

In a story dispatched out of Berlin, Reuters is reporting on a joint IBM-Economist Intelligence Unit report that suggests India and China are closing the digital gap. The report cites the fact that Shanghai and Bangalore have similar connectivity to developed nations as proof of the fact.
But, the author went over board, just after seeing Shanghai, B'lore, Beijing, not the interior places in China or India.
Look at the following facts, which can't meet an average US/European village. (I remember going to a 'village' near Colonge in Germany, where braodband hotspot was free in hotel room.)
  • Less than 9% of China's citizens have regular access to the Internet.
  • There is one computer in China for every 20 people.
  • There is one home computer in China for every 50 people.
  • Less than 1% of China's population can reach the Internet via a mobile phone.
  • But reality is different, once you go to second rung cities in India or China....
    IBM, wake up from your Ivory tower views of world....

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