Monday, May 1, 2006

Shame on me...

Everytime someone dies, the same drame is enacted, with no action.
Useless commentories (TV reviews/interview, Letters to editors, Internet Groups) make a furore over the death... People call for action, Govt. promises the same. Some 'compensation' is promised - God knows if it actually reaches the family, some action committe is called for.
Then what.... everyone goes home and starts their lives as if nothing happened.
Afghanisthan is a clear example. During Khandhar plane hijack, a young business man on his honeymoon trip was killed. If you recollect properly, the same drama was enacted. Now once again the same, but artists are different.
Politicians look for more media coverage with their tall claims and sympathysers for their few seconds of fame.
huh... Deja Vu... more Deja Vu....
At times I wonder, if we are all governed by cowards. (This question too was asked by many in recent years, so I am also one among the lot, who make statements. huh, same on me too)

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