Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kaoboys of R&AW - my take

Dear All,

Just wanted to comment on the book, Kaoboys of R&AW.

For the starters, the book lives upto the expectations of any self respecting Indian. It also acts as a testimony that not all politicians are money hungry, corrupt politicians. Of course, there were some shady details about the life styles of some of the corrupt officials in the system, but we have lived with it.


1. It was more biased towards the good deeds of Rajiv and Indira, while skillfully ignoring their gaps. May be, like all humans, they were prudent at some places and foolish else where. However, one gets a feeling if it were a propoganda material, esp. after reading so elaborately about the PSYWAR :-)

2. Wish the editor or proof reader did more of his/her job and ensured that some of the paragraphs were not repeated over and over again.

3. A tangent here. The author did not talk of Sonia angle to deaths of Indira and Rajiv, as our dear Subramaniaswamy did, after his "investigations". Nor anywhere mentions KGB/Gestapo links to Sonia.

4. Apart from the usual suspects for Indian troubles like ISI, CIA, FBI, MI series, Lankans, Chinese, et al, there was a mention of Baptists. Did someone just now shout - Didn't I say so!!!

If R&AW is as good and powerful as it was made out to be, my salutes to them!!!

Anil Kurnool


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