Sunday, September 9, 2007

Coffee @ IITM & Snack @ Ascendas

There are times when we all get a time, when "we do not know what to do". Same was the case with me, recently.

So thought of paying visit to the old haunts of mine, which I did not care to visit in recent past.

The food court of Ascendas, ironically called Planet Yumm [sic] was busy with those useless types, who wanted to be there so that they are "in". Some yuppies also were busy checking mails or chating or God-know-what, but I could find at least 25% of tables were with open laptops. If they were that busy, what the hell are they doing there, instead of being in their office? If they were visitors to the city and they were there, it is understood. But they were the colleage going types or fresh job holders...

The point however was the cost of two scoops of Ice-cream that my daughter and I had. Taste and Quality were so-so, but it did burn a decent hole in my pocket.

Of course, that place had "free" wi-fi, so what!!!

Then went to near-by IITM. Met few old friends there and ended up at the Coffee Day. The day was bit cool, due to sudden burst of rain, so a hot cup of cuppacino would add pep. But when it was served, it was an eeeek! Slightly warmer than ice cube.

The bloke who served us mentioned that the coffee was at 80 degree C - lying through his nose and his rear :-). Took his manager's name and called him. Seems managers are always in traffic when it is a negative feedback.

Alex - Coffee day bloke, should know how to lie or market his useless coffee, instead of giving ridiculous temparature numbers...

Rakesh - learn to take feedback, even if negative. Switch on your mobile/s - 9884489389 and 9940449416.

May be, those are the places for those useless types... should make it a point not to get back there again... even by mistake...

I think we as a nation should learn how to "serve" Indian customers, not just those "phorein" types and those Non - Required - Indians (NRI)...

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