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Re: Journey after death

Disclaimer: Purely my own fiction, not for serious reading.
Once a person dies, his atma will be lingering around this globe with out direction! So his son, does these "karyalu" just to ensure that the old-man's atma understands that he has really died. Else, the dead fellow will remian in this planet itself and will never ever give account of his punya or paapam to his creator.
Then, they give a gow-daanam (Cow is donated) so that the atma can take the tail of the Cow and cross the vitharini - the most polluted river. The significance of this is - dumbos, the pollution you make on this planet effect your safe passage to hell/heaven, so do not pollute this place.
Then, the 13th day celebration - so that the remaining folks can celebrate the departure of the old man. All along this oldie might have created all sorts of troubles to the people, with his useless advices and rules, so the young will celebrate his death... hence it is called "pandaga". The significance is - dumbos, do not cause unnecessary trouble to others while you are alive, least that they celebrate your death.
Masikam - it is like the monthy money-order that needs to be sent to the hell/heaven, so that the old man gets his food at regular intervals.
Samvarsarikam - it is the annual subscription for registering the dead folks at their abode.
Moral: Why worry about after death - give the old fellows their due respect etc while they are alive. There is no use donating a Cow after someone's death, when you did not share a glass of milk with that person when alive. Why do all these kandas, when you did not give one meal a day to your elders.
My take: I am really awerse to the a$$h01es who do these kind of dramas to their "pithru devulus" - but when they were alive did not even care to give good food or residence.
What ever I have written is what I interpret - based on my limited knowledge of rituals. But one thing - think of yourselves and your nearones, when you are alive - not after death. For Death is unknown and also cannot be known.

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Hi all,

I would like to know the actual meaning behind the various rituals, we normally perform after the death of some one i.e. from the day one of the death to 13th day and monthly rituals (Maasikams) till the first death ceremony (Edudi/Saamvastarikam), sorry if i mis-spelt.
I would also like to know the stages of journey of the soul to heaven, through out these 12 months.
I guess Athreya garu is the fit person to explain this. I request others also to help me in knowing this.
Thanks and regards
Sunil Surabhi.




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Resource Management (part 1)

Resource management is supposed to handle all the resourcing requests for the project execution. Were you thinking the resources in this context meant resources like money, systems, assets, time etc? You are mistaken; resources here mean “humans” – the same folks who are supposed to be working and generating revenue for the company.

The day people are treated as resources, that needs to be managed, that is the day, which gives a sure shot signal that the company is on its way to rot.

The fellows are humans after all, with lots of passion, emotions, what not.

“Human Resources” – I do not know who invented this word or the new version of it “Human Capital” to be make sure it is soft; but the main intention is to bluff the fellows into being money generating machines, whom the sales guys can pitch in wherever needed. Last month I sold 100 washing machines (or cookers or mouse traps etc) this month I need to sell 120 washing machines. Instead, in the IT world, it might translate into man-hours; last month around 30 person-days was sold to customer X, this month let me sell 35 person-days.


Here are few stories that can demonstrate the “human apathy” in the name of “human resources”

I met Dr. G after a long time, say six months, at a marriage reception. He was
bit disturbed about his work, and then I prodded him to talk out.

Apparently G’s company sent out mails to all its employees about
the approaching dates when the office would be moved to an “up-market” area and
suggested all its employees to make necessary arrangements to start working out
of that location.

This story is around 6 months old and G told me
the last time when we met. As usual, the cynic in me told him wait till the
office really moves to the new location and then make his moves only after one
month of the new premises.

However, as with everyone, G too was
new to this corporate crap and paid heftily to realtors to get him an apartment
in the near-by area. His new apartment is around 1-km from his company’s new
office, which also made a severe dent in his pocket. Rent was double that of the
old house, due to its up-market label, but the trade off was, he can walk to his
place of work.

G moved to his new apartment and his company never
moved to the new location. Next month, on his enquiry it was mentioned that the
plans were cancelled long back. Now, G is left with a baby in middle of nowhere.

No wonder G is now pissed off… unlike the IT consultants in US, people do not shift houses every quarter in India.

N.K.Ramamurthy joined us with promises of onsite trip then his resume was placed
with many customers for their requirements.

An Australian
sales-person was very happy to get NKR’s profile and we even got his Work-Permit
processed so that he is ready to travel once we get a “go” from customer.
Somehow it never worked out.

Next his resume was given to a
European client, NR attended three rounds of interview and his work-permit was
again processed. Once again, customer never gave a go ahead for the project.

Finally a “happening” customer was eager to get him on-board. Once
again our travel desk got his visa readied. There was customer “go”, this fellow
surrendered his system at the local office, removed his bag and baggage from his
rented apartment, visited his native to meet his parents (seems to have had a
farewell party too) and gave a party to all the local office folks (lost around
15K INR). The next day forex was readied, tickets issued, his roomies and he
started to airport in a cab.

A call from account-manager, that the
project was scrapped due to certain budget constraints.

NKR, next
day walked back into office like a headless chicken.

NKR definitely is pissed off that no-one at least cared to explain what happened. He was just shuttled between office and various consulates and finally between airport and his home, with out any proper explanation.

Here is the case of Ms.D

Ms. D was selected for replacement of another Ms.R at onsite. I was the one
handling the customer at that point of time and I made all the arrangement
readied for her first visit abroad.

For her work, customer made
all the arrangements like, system, user-ids, access controls, KT documents etc.

But in the evening of the previous day, customer called me to his
room and informed me that we wont be needed Ms.D as the work she was supposed to
be doing was postponed for another quarter.

I duly relayed the
information to the offshore resource-manager and thought it was end of my duty.
But next day, I got a call from her, that she was starting to airport and wanted
to just to inform me.

This sent me into action and I called the
resource-manager at offshore to know what the situation was. It seems he was
aware of the fact that her travel has been cancelled, but “forgot” to tell her.
I firmly asked him to inform her of cancelled travel, which I believe he
did not do. Finally I called her just 2-hrs before the flight take off, she was
at airport already (poor thing) to tell her that her travel is cancelled.

Later that day, someone called me from offshore that people were cursing me for the cancelled travel.

Mutual Admiration Club

We usually come across a band-of-brothers who never ever get tired of praising each other. A praises B, B praises C, C praises A. All in all, these folks A, B, C are supposed to be the "holier than thou" of the company, they are supposed to be direct decendants of Einstein or Kholer or God-knows-who and always make it a point to talk jargon, put down other simple folks, ensure that their nonsense goes down as "intellectual" talk.

Let me give you an old story to help digest the concenpt...

Once in a remote village there was a great Guru, who had an ever greater
student. They were so famous that people from far off places used to come to
meet them, to get some gyan.

As was the case, one day a student who was eager for knowledge came all the
way to their school. Being new to that place, he encountered a strange animal,
which he had never seen before. On meeting with the teacher he asked him what
that animal was.

Teacher gave a learned laugh and said it was a "marjhalam" and moved on to
address other topics. Student tried to ask some more about the same animal, but
teacher avoided.

After the first day, teacher assigned this new fellow to the already
mentioned great student, so that he, the great Guru can concentrate on "bigger"

This guy asked the great student, what that animal was, in all due good
intentions. The great student with all the popuousness answered that it was a
"bidalam". This guy was still curious to know what it was and asked few more
questions, for which the great student flew in rage and banished this new guy
from school as he was unfit for education.

Our new student was dejected and while walking out of the school
campus, met the watchman and again enquired him about the animal. Watchman
mentioned that it was a "pilli".

Bidalam, Marjhalam are other names for Pilli, which in Telugu means a
"common cat".

The story just illustrates the concept of MAC superficially. If one looks more closely around, we all can see these personality-types in every company, organization, schools, colleages etc.

Tell tale signs that you are a member of MAC, if you see any one of the following symptom in you

  1. Only X, who is your friend, knows how to do some Y and all your friends agree to it.
  2. In your friend circle, each one of you mapped to one particular vertical and all of you agree that each one is an expert in their respective area.
  3. Even if someone points out to evidence contrary to your belief that your friend has goofed up, you would not agree to it, nor would consider others argument, but you would go all out to defend it.

The point however is, complecence in corporates is due to these MACs, who stick to the system like parasites.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is it true?

I was reading this on an desi-site, where the author refers to a "Princeton University" study, which finds that there is a discrimination towards people, while recruiting.

Of course, I am aware of discrimination of recruitment in Govt. sector jobs, where said "quota" of positions and promotions are based on race/color/caste/creed/political-suckup etc.

But this one talks of discrimination in private sector, which is really stunning. I have not come across any discriminations.

May be, some Atlantists/Yankee types are trying to plant seeds in minds of the growing private sector in India, just to break the economy here.

Comments please...

The Article is here :

The said study report is here: