Monday, November 19, 2007

Mutual Admiration Club

We usually come across a band-of-brothers who never ever get tired of praising each other. A praises B, B praises C, C praises A. All in all, these folks A, B, C are supposed to be the "holier than thou" of the company, they are supposed to be direct decendants of Einstein or Kholer or God-knows-who and always make it a point to talk jargon, put down other simple folks, ensure that their nonsense goes down as "intellectual" talk.

Let me give you an old story to help digest the concenpt...

Once in a remote village there was a great Guru, who had an ever greater
student. They were so famous that people from far off places used to come to
meet them, to get some gyan.

As was the case, one day a student who was eager for knowledge came all the
way to their school. Being new to that place, he encountered a strange animal,
which he had never seen before. On meeting with the teacher he asked him what
that animal was.

Teacher gave a learned laugh and said it was a "marjhalam" and moved on to
address other topics. Student tried to ask some more about the same animal, but
teacher avoided.

After the first day, teacher assigned this new fellow to the already
mentioned great student, so that he, the great Guru can concentrate on "bigger"

This guy asked the great student, what that animal was, in all due good
intentions. The great student with all the popuousness answered that it was a
"bidalam". This guy was still curious to know what it was and asked few more
questions, for which the great student flew in rage and banished this new guy
from school as he was unfit for education.

Our new student was dejected and while walking out of the school
campus, met the watchman and again enquired him about the animal. Watchman
mentioned that it was a "pilli".

Bidalam, Marjhalam are other names for Pilli, which in Telugu means a
"common cat".

The story just illustrates the concept of MAC superficially. If one looks more closely around, we all can see these personality-types in every company, organization, schools, colleages etc.

Tell tale signs that you are a member of MAC, if you see any one of the following symptom in you

  1. Only X, who is your friend, knows how to do some Y and all your friends agree to it.
  2. In your friend circle, each one of you mapped to one particular vertical and all of you agree that each one is an expert in their respective area.
  3. Even if someone points out to evidence contrary to your belief that your friend has goofed up, you would not agree to it, nor would consider others argument, but you would go all out to defend it.

The point however is, complecence in corporates is due to these MACs, who stick to the system like parasites.

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