Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Days - Movie

There was a kind of furore over the recent film by Kammula Shekar - called "Happy Days". Everyone whom I bumped across asked me, if I had watched that movie. Jeevi gave his review at IdleBrain, which was definitely a shade better than all others movies. (This movie had a 3.5 rating, while other were lingering around 3).

To top it up, a CTO of a telecom product company mentioned that movie was good. Another CEO of a promising startup made a special mention of the movie and asked me to watch it. Of course, this mail is marked to them too :-)

As I stay in places where Telegu movies are shown only for a week or two, I searched for the DVD (pirated, of course) for the same and finally watched it. My take on the movie is here...

1. Why only the "love" angle of collage life was showcased for most part of the movie?
2. The jokes/themes I felt was a bit cliche!
3. Ragging also had a good running time in the movie, but again the cliche ragging... :-(

I also studied in an Engg. college, that too run-of-a-mill, so could relate to the theme - Engg student's college life. But I felt the director was trying to reinforcing the popular beliefs of these Engg. Colleges than showcasing the "other side" of things that happens in colleges.

There are many aspects to college than just flirting, love, seniors, ragging etc.

There is fun - not just chasing chicks, but real fun in decent way.

There are real-teachers whom one can call "Gurus" who give advices worth remembering.

Also there are ar$eh01es who are industry-rejects and join the place and call themselves "Lecturers". (Majority are the second category, while the first breed are very rare and near to extinction.)

There are enterprising students, who strive to achieve things, but are sidelined by the show-off minorities.

All in all, I would give the movie a rating of 1.5 and on the technical side, it looked more like a tele-film rather than a film-film.

Someone may wonder, what was it that was expecting in the movie - then wait for the movie called "T-Bunk!" directed by Kurnool Anil ;-)



Hemantha Kumar said...

On many issues I and Mr. Anil Kurnool think alike. But alas, looks like not on this. First Happy Days ran in Satyam Complex in Chennai for, if I am not mistaken, about four weeks or more. So Anil garu missed out on the opportunity of seeing it on the larger screen and because of that benefited by saving a lot of money to be spent on tickets.

Egged by my teenage daughters, the first one who, incidentally got into one of the Engineering colleges recently, I had watched the movie on the big screen.

As Anil garu said the movie no doubt has been with a handful of cliches. But I think we have to be fair to Mr. Kammula in that that he tried to justify the title "happy days" It is just a happy go lucky movie. After all Mr. Kammula also may have to make money to make better movies.

I left college in 1976 and the University in 1989. So I was taken back in the time machine for about two decades, to have the luxury of reminiscing my own escapades, so to say.

However, we in Chennai in those days were not fortunate as most of the colleges in Madras were homogeneous and not heterogeneous; gender-wise.

The Prema, Kodi, Baadha all were out of the world situations and not near to reality. When getting into one's own hostel after the gates close is next to impossible, getting into a woman's hostel to hold the feet of the girl is very unrealistic.

But nevertheless there was some ease in the movie. The day I watched I had mixed experiences. The guy sitting next to me had apparently seen the movie earlier and brought a 6-10 year old kid to whom he kept on narrating the story-in advance-and killing any suspense factor, for me, from the movie.

Most of the audience comprised of students or techies that the whole hall reverberated with their comments some of them being really enjoyable.

The day cost me over Rs.1,000 (tickets, popcorn, snacks and the lunch outing) but I felt that it was Ok.

The one person whom I liked in the entire movie is "Sravs" (maybe because i dig in for slightly darker girls?). Though I am a tad older for it, maybe it is not such a bad idea to seek enrolment in Minnesota University, at least for "Sravs" sake? :-)))

Unknown said...

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