Monday, December 31, 2007

Modi to Advani is same as Ram-Temple was to Vijpai

Now that the dust from the celebrations of Modi's win is done, with some crying out in disbelief [The TV anchors etc of some "stay-cooler" channels], some running around for his head [Karan Thapar - suddently remove him], some using the wave to get a ride to power [Pujya Advani ji].
It was sometime in December of early '90s that a political party promised a Ram Temple, made some acrobatics and claimed the trophy of breaking a disputed structure. While in reality, it were volunteers of a great religion, who did not care for their lives - who did the breaking, while the political folks who were mere bystanders, got (rather stole) the credit.
After that, this political party went out of way, with promises of Ram Temple! The gullible folks of the great religion believed those false promises and lymiricks etc and voted them along with their stooges to power. What was the end result?
5-yrs of corruption, fooling the public etc and only when the election day was near they remembered the original promise. They went out of the way to tell all that they were in an "alliance" so could not do much. A common man would ask -
Why the hell did you go to claim power, if you did not have enough majority?
Why did you fool - all of us?
What is your claim this time?
Then, when the common man realized that this party is very much same as other Khandani-cheats, they were shown the door.
Now, the think-tank (if any?) did not know what to do!!!
The second in command, pujya Advani ji, took the next Bus to Lahore and made some desparate attempts to win the vote bank, akin the Khandani-Cheats. Jinnah became So-Cool(er) and "ji" wanted to play the "Stay-Cooler" card.
After a year or so, he found that due to the real men in his party, there were chances of he coming back to power and immideately ran to his past master and asked them to make him PM-in-waiting, least that the real men start making claims.
Modi (a real man among men) came back to power and like the Khandanis our pujya Advani ji is not tiried singing praise to him.
If the said party comes to power, will they deliver what they have been promising?
Will they put our dear neighbours in their place?
Will they solve the problem of infiltrated Banga Bhandus in old city of Hyd?
Only time will tell - if people are willing to be taken for a ride, time and again!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...


your comments are as atrocious as your typos - it is vajapayee spelt vajpai not vij pai -

A sense of satisfaction may be when you look at most atrocious website and commpare it with - it is a shade better is it not... the old man advani may learn a thing or two from less older man modi.