Sunday, April 27, 2008

A decade since…

It is exactly a decade since I left that place called a college, with a useless degree. As I look back, it was a criminal waste of four (4) years at that place. The worst part of it was, I was not equipped to make it to the IT world. Can you imagine someone to work in the web 1.0 world, without knowing http protocol?

It is something different that in my mandatory subjects had something to do with a subject called “Computer Networks” where we were exposed to all the protocols, without ever taking a practical look at the way systems operated.

Imagine the sorry state of the laboratory – all 286 machines with some 386s sprinkled here and there – meant for the blue cats (those who suck up to the incompetent lecturers).

The bigger mess was not the laboratory, but the useless fellows who masqueraded like lecturers and worse still calling themselves, professors. The entire industry rejects were in the place – as they could have not made it anywhere. The college was also ready to take these jerks, as they were dime a dozen.

However this “decade since” is not about my college (or the school, as they call it in the US) – but about what I did in these 10 years at my disposal.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am uneducated

Was reading what Atanu Dey was writing about “Reservations in the Indian educational system” in two parts. The question is, I wanted to understand why he was worried about “Reservations” when there is no such called “Indian Education System”.

Wiki defines “System (from Latin systēma, in turn from Greek ' systēma) is a set of entities, real or abstract, comprising a whole where each component interacts with or is related to at least one other component and they all serve a common objective.”

When there is something then it can comprise into something… it is a myth, the people get educated in India!!!!

As per Education – it is something beyond mere literacy. If someone goes to a school/location regularly and gets to know how to read or write few sentences in any language, he/she doesn’t become educated, but he/she is just literate.

For example – when I was in college we had some useless jerks as lecturers. The fellows who were industry rejects, for sake of some peanuts as salary got into academics. What is the end result – blind leading the blind!?! Most part of the Engineering was just Bunkum - as the fellows did not even understand the proper foundations of Mathematics, leave alone teach us the concepts of basic Computation Theory.

What all I needed for my life – I got in my primary school. The A, B, Cs there were good enough!

Hence, I am just literate and totally UNEDUCATED.
Of course, coming back to the topic::
Reservations - in what ever form, are meant to screw the nation even further. It is not a case of sour grape,
that I do not have any reservation etc, but the very concept of reservation
kills the principle of equality.

Friday, April 4, 2008


It was early December of 1998 I was travelling with a friend from Hyderabad to Kurnool, in the grand Govt. bus (called RTC).

As we were discussing things like careers, IT etc... I simply mentioned that I was into deep Shit... to which I was asked by the conservative fellow, not to use "harsh" words...

In some parts of India, it is a taboo to say "Shit" etc.. So I had to give some definition to save my face... so quickly concocted that SHIT stands for


Today as I look back - a cool decade later...


SHIT and Deeeeep SHIT :-)