Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HDFC Bank - can we bank on it?

Atanu Dey had had his love-hate relation with HDFC Bank ... Imagine an economist getting a royal $cr*w from them... what about a poor nobody like me... 

I recently walked into (on invitation) to the HDFC Bank next door to my office, along with the mandatory documents needed to open a saving account

1. PAN card (with a photocopy)
2. A recent photogragh
3. Proof of address

Everything went fine, till the counter-personnel told me that the address proof I presented cannot be accepted. 

The reason: HDFC Credit Card statement cannot be accepted as a proof of address, in spite of you being a loyal credit card user for last four years. 

Understand this - they trust me with their money (in form of a credit card) but cant accept my check for depositing my money into their bank. Some crap as reason, about Know Your Customer, yada yada ... 

Finally I had to give some other bank's account statement to get the account opened. 

After 10 days, I get call from someone from the bank that I have a pre-approved HDFC credit card and when would it be possible for me to fill out some "mandatory" forms to collect my credit card. 

Question: Do they really not know - who exactly I was, if I was already an account holder or I am some other jerk, before they issue, rather re-issue a credit card to the exisiting card holder. 

No wonder, the world economy is in $H1t shape, with more to come... may be India is also in the queue to get it's due. 

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bommareddy said...

Hi Anil,

This is anil,. Hope you remember me. (We met at KL (Sentral Railway platform). Its quite sometime now. How are you doing and where are you located now?