Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Bumper Offer" Telugu Movie :: "Bogus Offer"

The thing is, our elder have said it correctly – 'Never judge a book by its cover' and similarly today we can amend it to suit the cine-goers – 'Never watch a movie, based on the banner or a hit song'.

In last few days, every radio channel played that "Ravanamma" song ad nasuem. The song is about the plight of jobless software folks due to the recession. Except for that song, there is nothing new in the film.

I watched the movie in Ameerpet's Big Cinema, which was crowded by many software folks – esp there to see the movie. As the banner is "Vaishno Academy", the expectations were very high.

Few minutes after the "Ravanamma" song, the movie becomes a déjà vu. After a while, you can start telling dialogues too, as if you are the writer. 

My take:

If you have more money to spend and time to waste, go to that movie. For the serious folks, wait till it is on the TV.


Question to Puri Jagannath:

           When can we expect you to give your style of movies at your standards?

Forget the great things – were you drunk when you agreed to produce this movie and when you wrote this dumb story.


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