Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[OWSM] Unable to find WSDL

The common error for anyone using OWSM for the first time (Oracle Web Services Manager – part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware [OFM]) is the WSDL not found.


The gateway error mentions that the WSDL with the SIDxxxxxx was not found.


There are couple of threads in the OTN Forums.


Here are the steps that I followed to help myself


  1. Go to the OWSM console and check the component_id of the gateway. (say it is C0003016)
  2. Go to the box level and check out the file "" at the location ORACLE_HOME/owsm/config/gateway
  3. Ensure that the component_id got from the console is same as the component_id of the gateway (typically the first property in the file.)


  1. Redeploy the gateway
    1. Run ./ deploy gateway
    2. The BUILD FAILS mentioning that the admin password is not provided.
    3. I made the oc4jAdminPassword available in four ways, like in the build file - unencoded, build file encoded (SHA1), then temporary environment variable ($oc4jAdminPassword) encoded and unencoded.
    4. Finally found that it has to be given as a command line parameter like

 ./wsmadmin deploy gateway –Doc4jAdminPassword=welcome1


Then when you check for the said WSDL SIDxxxxxx it will be found.

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