Sunday, November 22, 2009

Validation of SOA - the results...

My last week was spent in comparing three tools for testing the SOA artifacts, so that we can propose the same to our customers.

The three were

1. HP Quality Center along with QTP (which my current customer owns)
3. Oracle's CAVS

My understanding and verdict:

If the Enterprieses really want to have their SOA artifacts validated (in simple terms: web-services, BPEL models, etc tested) they need to use iTKO LISA, as it can work on its own, also can compliment the existing testing/validation tools in the landscape. For example, it can provide the results to the test management tools like HP Quality Center, unless, of course, the customer also has HP Service Test.

If the customer is having HP QTP - then getting LISA or Service Test is a must; as QTP is designed and sold only for the purpose of testing the UI, not the internal functioning.

Oracle's CAVS is for testing the "Hello World" programs - provides only black box testing of XMLs, but cannot provide the needed details internal bottlenecks and failure details.

Of course, what I say is a broad outline and the results vary from case to case basis.

Beware of Master, the dog is ok...

Once I had a pet dog (or should I call him a street dog, that used to come to my place for food?).

It was always around in the compound of my place and ran away the moment he saw a visitor.

One day, it happened that a theif tried coming into the house after jumping the gate, during early hours of the day. He (the dog) barked and woke me up. The theif took a stick and hit him, but he (doggie) stood its ground and continued to bark. When I rushed out with a stick in my hand, that the dog ran away - thinking that I too wanted to hit him, but I went with the stick outside only to hit that theif. The fellow ran away the way he came from, by jumping the gate.

The next day when I told my friends about the incident, they promptly put a board saying "Beware of Master, the dog is ok".

Strange are the ways of life...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Validations for SOA

In an enterprise with Oracle Fusion as SOA stack enabler, which of the following is better
1. CAVS - Composite Application Validation System (part of AIA) from Oracle itself.
2. HP - Quality
3. iTKO's LISA
In the coming days, will blog about the results...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009