Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beware of Master, the dog is ok...

Once I had a pet dog (or should I call him a street dog, that used to come to my place for food?).

It was always around in the compound of my place and ran away the moment he saw a visitor.

One day, it happened that a theif tried coming into the house after jumping the gate, during early hours of the day. He (the dog) barked and woke me up. The theif took a stick and hit him, but he (doggie) stood its ground and continued to bark. When I rushed out with a stick in my hand, that the dog ran away - thinking that I too wanted to hit him, but I went with the stick outside only to hit that theif. The fellow ran away the way he came from, by jumping the gate.

The next day when I told my friends about the incident, they promptly put a board saying "Beware of Master, the dog is ok".

Strange are the ways of life...

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