Friday, December 31, 2010

Open Letter to Hemantha

Dear Hemantha,

It is something of a great achievement in one's life to be able to give a TED Talk. Am really happy for you and may the new year take you to even more greater heights in your career.

Anil Kurnool

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10K, the run that was walk!

At the Start
On 28-Nov, there was a 10K run for all folks... Though not a health freak, wanted to do something different and got on to the bandwagon.

The run was supposed to be at 7:00 AM for all, but the organizers felt that the corporate types would make more of a nonsense factor to the run, so they kicked off the "professionals" race and it was a delight to see the winner breeze past me as he clocked less than 30 minutes for the run.

That guy was real skeleton, with skin and clean shaved his head to counter the air resistance... seems aerodynamics have gone to runs!

Once the professionals were done with their stuff, we the "fun run" types were flagged off!

Half-Way Through!
 Then instead of running the distance, we (my friends and I) chose to walk the distance. As usual, our iPods, tweets from phones etc were fully active. {There must be a recharge mechanism for these devices, so that one need not worry about battery drain, while walking, as the energy from the shoes' movement would be continuously charging the same back.}

All along the way, there were kiosks of Glucone-D energiser drink, kingfisher water bottles to rehydrate the dehydrated walkers/runner, while the musicians like folks artists to Jazz players entertaining the junta and participants en route.

At every 3 Kms, the Infosys team of volunteers took note that we from Infosys were all safe and sound. Good work from the Infy Organizers, in form of transport, snacks and other co-ordinations.

It took me around 100+ minutes to close the circuit. Felt happy that I did it, esp. after 12 sitting of chemo, 40 sittings of radiation and living on steroids, for me completion of the race was paramount.
Thanks to all my well wishers to have given me the support and enthusiasm all along! It is because of you, that I could do this. Thank you God, for sailing with me all through! Thanks to my parents for  everything! Thank you Doctor!

It may sound like a Vote-Of-Thanks after winning Olympic Gold medal, for me, this is far more important than any other competition!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Walk down the memory lane...

Today spoke to a very old friend of mine - rather my schoolmate... feeling happy about the same...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old habits die hard!

Being used to use my left hand for heavy duty work like lifting suitcases, using the car jack for tyre replacement etc. recently I was wondering why something was amiss when I was walking back to car from the General store. After a long time, I was using my right hand to carry the carry-bags.

Old habits die really hard!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Never enter this place

Recently ordered for some Chinese food from this "Shame" of a place, called Stir-It-Up. Buggers delivered it more than 120 minutes and to top it up, charged for the "Delivery"

Tastes like yesterday's food.

Beware of this dirty place.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In 1963, after a prolonged duration, finally the Bhakra Nangal Dam was completed and Pt. Nehru was a very proud man. He called his closest ally and one of the chief funding source for the dam, the then USSR Chief Nikita Krushchev to visit the site.

On the bumpy and pot hole ridden road from Chandigarh to the dam site, the early morning ride was too much for both the dignitaries. Nikita got disoriented when he saw the sight of people easing themselves on the roadsides in the morning and remarked that Indians – despite the funds and technology transfer are still living outside of civilized world. The visit to dam was not a success as thought by Pt. Nehru.

Shortly before his death, Pt. Nehru visited USSR and wanted to see the space research project taking place in Cosmodrome based in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Again an early morning road ride was taken and Nehru was looking at the straight, 8 tracks and clean roads from Moscow to Leningrad. His aim was to put Krushchev down by pointing one early morning easer and settle the score. Finally Nehru’s prayers were answered and saw one person in his act and promptly pointed it out to his Russian counterpart.

Furious about the insult Krushchev orders police to imprison that “predatel”, but police informs that they cannot do it as the person was claiming diplomatic immunity. The early morning easer was Indian Ambassador to USSR!

The above may sound like a demeaning joke on Indians, but if reflected upon, it shows what Aristotle is always quoted with – We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!

Either way, let us all get into the habit of doing everything in the excellent fashion!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Once in a UN General Meeting, representatives of different countries were discussing about the degree of “Freedom of expression” that their citizens enjoy.

US representative starts out saying,”In our country, any citizen can walk into the White House, sit beside the fire place in oval office, have an espresso coffee with Mr. President and then say ‘Mr. President, you are a fool!’ Then they can discuss the affairs of the country.”

USSR representative, not to be out done says, “In our country too, any citizen can walk into Kremlin, sit beside the fire place, have a shot of vodka with Mr. President and then say, ’American President is a fool!’ and then discuss the affairs of the USA.”

Then it was turn of Indian representative who says, ”In our country, our President can walk into any citizen’s hut, eat whatever little food they have saved for the day, then while walking out will say, ’Citizen, you are a fool!’ and then walks out not to be seen for next 5 years.”

Though this may seem like a grim joke, the reality is India despite the socio-political corruption leading to economic disaster, India ranks 36 in global Gross National Happiness, while Russia is on 46 and US is on 13. Considering the population of the other two countries, we can proudly say that even 36 is a good index.

The reason, why we are what we are – 5000 years of civilization imbibed with grains of philosophical outlook of life, which the other two lack. One is extreme materialism, while the other is extreme atheism. Cultivate that “Nishkama Karma” outlook, half the worries in life will be laid to rest.


Long time ago, Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev were travelling in train. The train suddenly stops due to some snag in deep Siberian Ice Desert. The three are informed that the train cannot make it to the next destination and the crew is waiting for their instructions.

Lenin says, “Let the power of People, pull and push the train till Leningrad!”

Stalin says, “Shoot the driver!”

Gorbachev says, “Let us close the windows and pretend that we are moving!”

The above may look like a simple joke to laugh off, but if you look into it a shade deeper, you can find that three of them had tangentially different perceptions about the same event. Likewise, in our own life we come across different perceptions people carry. We cannot satisfy everyone’s perception every time and we need to strike a balance. Be it our customer, spouse, child, parent, colleague, manager etc. Learn to balance perceptions and go on with your life on your own terms – rather than carrying the burden all through the way.

Definition of Joy

Once a three gentlemen from Britain, France and Russia meet up in a party and topic turns towards – what is meaning of Joy.
The Brit starts out saying, ”You walks home on a frosty evening, to find your slippers being warmed beside a lighted fireplace and aroma of freshly brewed Tea greets your nose. What more can one call this apart from Joy!”

The French not being out done by the Brit says, “You go to your beach château in summer and find that you have a sparkling champagne waiting for you in bucket of ice. Then a femme fatale walks over to be your host. What more can one call this, Bonheur and joie!”

Finally the Russian starts out his version of happiness: “There is a knock on your door in the dead of night and when you open the door you find a KGB agent shouts at you ‘Ivan Ivanovich, you are under arrest!’. Then you say, ‘Ivan Ivanovich stays next door!’ and that is what is called Joy!”

Of course, this sounds like a joke on Communist Russia, but a dig deeper, you can see that Joy is being defined by different people differently. There may be many who might be happy to see the sun raise today morning, there are many who might be happy to just have something in their stomach yesterday night. The only thing that matter is “Count your blessings”, misery is around is too much!

Happy weekend ahead!!! {One more thing, there are many who do not have weekends – Agriculture / Daily laborer, BPL folks et al}

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mera Bharath Mahan!!!

Thank God, none of these Countries are role models for India. I hope and pray that India will never ever  become  any where close to these Countries.
God bless and Save Indians..

If you cross the " The North Korean " border illegally, you get .....

12 years hard labour in an isolated prison .....

If you cross the " Iranian " border illegally, you get .....

detained indefinitely .....

If you cross the " Afghan " border illegally, you get .....

shot .....

If you cross the " Saudi Arabian " border illegally, you get .....

jailed .....

If you cross the " Chinese " border illegally, you get .....

kidnapped and may be never heard of - again .....

If you cross the " Venezuelan " border illegally, you get .....

branded as a spy and your fate sealed .....

If you cross the " Cuban " border illegally, you get .....

thrown into a political prison to rot .....

If you cross the " British " border illegally, you get .....

arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison and be deported after serving your sentence .....

Now ..... if you were to cross the " Indian " border illegally, you get

1. A ration card

2. A passport ( even more than one - if you please ! )

3. A driver's licence

4. A voter identity card

5. Credit cards

6. A Haj subsidy

7. Job reservation

8. Special privileges for minorities

9. Government housing on subsidized rent

10. Loan to buy a house

11. Free education

12. Free health care

13. A lobbyist in New Delhi, with a bunch of media morons and a bigger bunch of human rights activists promoting your " cause "

14. The right to talk about secularism, which you have not heard about in your own country !

15. And of-course ..... voting rights to elect corrupt politicians who will promote your community for their selfish interest in securing your votes

Hats off ..... to the .....

A. Corrupt and communal Indian politicians (...the BIGGEST PROBLEM !!!)

B. The inefficient and corrupt Indian police force & Bureaucrats !!!

C. The silly pseudo-secularists in India, who promote traitors staying here

D. The amazingly lenient Indian courts and legal system. That's why people like Afzal Guru are still alive, same will happen
with Kasab.

E. The selfish Indian citizens, who are not bothered about the dangers to their own country.

F. The illogically brainless human-rights activists, who think that terrorists deserve to be dealt with by archaic laws meant for an era, when human beings were human beings.

G. The most tolerant  Indian masses who are allowing all this their own peril and

H.  Lastly, the  Classy Indians who are educated,happy serving an MNC,  no time to vote, all ways busy in self indulgence, timid to question any wrong, perpetuate all the above for a small personal benefit ...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Symbolism and Mathematics

In general, Gods and Goddesses of Hindu culture when shown in pictures or in symbols - are shown with the Goddess to the left of the God. In other words, female "power" is shown to the left of the male "power".

Let us take the symbolism a little futher, by showcasing the duality as "1" (One) for Male and "0" (Zero) as Female. Then the representation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses shows that Female forms enhance the power/divinity of the Male Gods.

01 is equal to 1, while 10 (with 0 to the left of 1) is 10 times power of the simple 1.

No wonder, in all prayers, Hindus pray to the Lord and his consort together, than Lord alone. And for long Hindu culture respected women as "aadi parashakthi" or the supreme power.

Just some thoughts...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Andrew Cohen Quote of the Week - The Greatest Good

Quote of the Week

The Greatest Good

From an evolutionary perspective or worldview, development—the emergence of that which is new—is seen as the greatest good. So during the limited time that each of us has here on Earth, we all have the opportunity to develop, to make a difference in this world through applying our God-given capacity for free agency, or freedom of choice, to our own conscious evolution. No matter who we are, we all have some measurable, not insignificant degree of free agency. And learning how to activate that gift, so that which is truly higher and new can emerge through us, is what makes all the difference.

Andrew Cohen

Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Road Travel in US

Recently I have had the privilege of travelling on road using the Grey Hound service of US; from Hartford to Washington DC. Contrary to the popular belief in India, that services in US runs on clock and it is always "on time", found that there is no difference between our Red Bus in India and Grey Hounds in US. As a matter of fact Indian Red Bus is a shade better than Grey Hounds. If a service is cancelled at least it is announced in the Public Address System, while for Grey Hound services, no such thing is there... passengers are just left it at that... when you enquire at the service desk, they simply say "I don't know... am trying to reach the driver and am not able to get him online."

That kind of response is never given by Red Bus folks, even if they give, they have the courage to share their manager's telephone number, which was not the case by the Grey Hound jonnies...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour and India

There is a lot of hallaboo happening around, Earth Hour, where folks on this planet switch off all the electric items for one hour!!!

Good idea.. no doubt... But the question here is, "Does India need Earth Hour???"


We in India, have some (rather majority of) places, where there is no electricity at all, then where is the need to switch off!

Even in the place where there is electric supply, we have power-cuts which are scheduled, like say daily three hours of power-cut. Then with a daily earth hour, do we need another specific "Earth Hour"

This is a fad for the rich and powerful countries; remember they glutton food and then talk of "diet" food and obesity problem. This "Earth Hour" too is a by product of surplus-resources, not for the have-nots.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On/OFF Switch

On the United Airlines flight yesterday night, the attendant asking all the passengers to switch off the electronic equipment for flight take off, said the following sentance.

"Everything that has the ON/OFF switch needs to be in OFF mode and stowed"

There is nothing wrong with that sentance, only that a quick mind sitting beside me, got into action and made the following deductions and said to me...

"Hey, you know what? She just now said...

1. Only men's brain have swith ON/OFF for $%X
2. Stow away : your "you-know-what" to be stowed away; but where - you decide. "

I couldn't stop laughing and started to wonder if all men, across the world think alike...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parents Crib

Was reading a blog post of a friend, where a mention of a quote from Confucius was mentioned as

"In olden times, people studies to improve themselves. Today they only study to impress others"

That reminded me of an anecdote from Readers Digest, that I read a long time ago, that in a letter written on papyrus was found in some excavations. In that letter a Roman senator wrote to his friend about his son this way, "He spends more time with his barber than with his teachers."

So all in all, parents always have the same crib, since ages. My parents were always pissed off with my ways of studies, while am doing the same with my kid...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

batter milk labhinchunu

This is a vinyl poster outside a small kiosk in Hyderabad, where Heritage foods is marketing the availability of butter milk. Nothing is wrong in this photo, but if someone who knows both the languages of English and Telugu reads this will make out that the one on the top which is Telugu is not in proper synch with the intent.

If it were to be translated it should say #majjiga labhinchunu# where #majjiga# means "butter milk" and #labhinchunu# means "available".

However it is a half-translated and half transliterated sentence. It reads "batter milk labhinchunu" where the first part of "batter milk" is transliterated and the second part "labhinchunu" is translated.

Some fun ways of life...

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Age Mathematics

This is one of the seasons in India, where every parent undergoes tremendous amount of pressure. Called the "Kid's Exam Season".

On my part as a typical Indian parent am spending more time with Her Highness, so that she at least knows the names of her lessons. [My mother says, it is history repeating and shows my past karmic deeds for the current tensions of mine]

The question in mathematics was

Rajesh has 15 coins and he distributes them equally among his three brothers. How many coins each of the brother gets?

"Fifteen divided by Five", pat came the answer - which obviously made me very happy at my teaching capabilities.

My wife came there and asked her, "Why is it fifteen divided by five, not five divided by fifteen?"
for which the response was "I do not know fifteen (multiplication) table, so!!!"

Well, that the life is for you!!

Edits: Thanks to Srini, who pointed out the typo - Fifteen divided by five, it should have been fifteen divided by three and same at all the places. Due to my hurry in writing this post (on a hand held device) the typo.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soap on the water...

I was listening to "Smoke on the water" today afternoon... my kid got curious and asked me, why is he (singer) singing about "soap on water"...

At times, perspectives would be different from what they seem to be... 
soap on water, 
soap on http,
soap on jms... 
and finally smoke on water... 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Death Grip...

It was the time, that I was paying through my nose to Air India and Singapore Airlines to make my bi-weekly visit to Chennai from Singapore. On one such occasion, was about to leave house that my kid caught hold of my leg in a bear-grip and started to cry, "Daddy, do not go! Daddy, do not go!".

For once I felt that my job, work, career are meaningless, when my kid is missing me badly. Why the heck should I slog - when she is crying so badly. Was about to call my boss to say that will be coming back after a week, that my wife used some golden words.... "Evening, let us go to beach and have Ice Cream"

Presto the death grip on my leg got loosened and immediately Kiddo said, "Happy journey, Daddy. TATA..."

Huh! all my dreams of sending my resignation by fax were watered down...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nataraj and Cosmos

One day, while on bench, was browsing through our company’s library where most of the books stacked were either that of JAVA or that of .NET, but nothing of real interest. {One need not buy books for knowing how to code, there is a free stuff called Google, yet there they were.}

Like an ancient treasure found in rubble of a modern collapse, my eyes found this book “The Tao of Physics” – which was like a whip of fresh air in the stuffed A/C library room. Then the following days were spent religiously reading that book and refreshing my own concepts of Physics, Life and its meaning. The book starts with defining the different perspectives of physics, the Classical Physics – as defined by Newton, Copernicus et al; Modern or Quantum Physic – as defined by 20th century physicists.

In the early stages of real science, starting with Copernicus, running through the time of Galileo and culminating with Newton, science revolted against the religious authority of the medieval Church, which had upheld Aristotle. Science conceived of a universe that could be mechanically objectified, a cosmos of ‘sticks and stones’ that could be measured rationally and predictably. Although Newton and others believed in a transcendent God who had created the cosmos, the paradigm of scientific thought that was established by the late seventeenth century and which still lingers today has lead, in one direction, that a scientific reality has nothing spiritual about it. It was a dichotomy, either a materialistic metaphysical view, or that of a traditional religion – where the world was made in an instant.

In the first half of the twentieth century, when physics reached the stage where it tried to look beyond the atom and reveal the quintessential ‘stuff’ that the universe is made of, the world was forced into some astonishing conclusions. Though the universe appears to be solid, measurable, objective and predictable at one level of experience, when physicists tried to study sub-atomic particles and ‘quanta’ they found themselves dealing with a realm that could not be described as material. Instead, the ultimate nature of the universe appeared to be made of complex energy manifestations operating in an unpredictable web of patterns that was inseparable from the subjective perspectives of the individuals doing the studies. Although apparently material and visible at one level, the basic stuff of the universe is immaterial and invisible at the ultimate level.

nataraj.JPGIn this context, it is imperative to look at the image of Lord Shiva as Nataraja – which epitomes the cosmic dance. It is there and then again it is not there; the same dichotomy of universe and the stuff it is made of. Quanta present and then again not present - Heisenberg uncertainty principle, where you cannot determine the momentum and the position of a particle at the same time or instant. The same is shown in the statute of Nataraja.

Suggest all the folks to have at least one reading of the book to understand the very nature of this universe, which in turn will show how transcendent is human life, which can drill down to the levels, where many or most of the things we worry about are out right silly and meaningless in the global scale of things.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Article about Homeopathy and SriMadbhagvatam

Here is an article about homeopathy...

From the article mentions that...

Homeopathic practice is based on a single law of therapeutics called the *Law of Similars*. This law states that *a substance that can cause the symptoms of a disease can also cure it*.

There is something similar in SriMadbhagvatam

आमयो यश्च भूतानां जायते येन सुव्रत
तदेव ह्यामयं द्रव्यं न पुनाति चिकित्सितम् |

This is from the fifth chapter of the first cento. And this verse would literally translate as ....

Whichever disease is caused in the living beings, by a given substance --
does that very substance, when therapeutically prepared, not cure that very disease.

IMHO - Isn't is nice to see that our age old traditional sayings or scriptures have a lot of signigicance?