Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Death Grip...

It was the time, that I was paying through my nose to Air India and Singapore Airlines to make my bi-weekly visit to Chennai from Singapore. On one such occasion, was about to leave house that my kid caught hold of my leg in a bear-grip and started to cry, "Daddy, do not go! Daddy, do not go!".

For once I felt that my job, work, career are meaningless, when my kid is missing me badly. Why the heck should I slog - when she is crying so badly. Was about to call my boss to say that will be coming back after a week, that my wife used some golden words.... "Evening, let us go to beach and have Ice Cream"

Presto the death grip on my leg got loosened and immediately Kiddo said, "Happy journey, Daddy. TATA..."

Huh! all my dreams of sending my resignation by fax were watered down...

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