Sunday, March 14, 2010

batter milk labhinchunu

This is a vinyl poster outside a small kiosk in Hyderabad, where Heritage foods is marketing the availability of butter milk. Nothing is wrong in this photo, but if someone who knows both the languages of English and Telugu reads this will make out that the one on the top which is Telugu is not in proper synch with the intent.

If it were to be translated it should say #majjiga labhinchunu# where #majjiga# means "butter milk" and #labhinchunu# means "available".

However it is a half-translated and half transliterated sentence. It reads "batter milk labhinchunu" where the first part of "batter milk" is transliterated and the second part "labhinchunu" is translated.

Some fun ways of life...

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J2M said...

So what shud we call this "Lateral translation" .. not Literal .. ;)