Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour and India

There is a lot of hallaboo happening around, Earth Hour, where folks on this planet switch off all the electric items for one hour!!!

Good idea.. no doubt... But the question here is, "Does India need Earth Hour???"


We in India, have some (rather majority of) places, where there is no electricity at all, then where is the need to switch off!

Even in the place where there is electric supply, we have power-cuts which are scheduled, like say daily three hours of power-cut. Then with a daily earth hour, do we need another specific "Earth Hour"

This is a fad for the rich and powerful countries; remember they glutton food and then talk of "diet" food and obesity problem. This "Earth Hour" too is a by product of surplus-resources, not for the have-nots.


Unknown said...

You said it Right, TRUE....

Wounded Warrior said...

But this would give a chance to the Rats climbing the ladder to showcase a pro-active organisational activity in the corporate world(adds a point to the appraisal essay :D)

Srinivas Yerramilli said...

why is there a pinch of grouse in your blogs on any such subjects... :-)

JS Rao said...

this is symbolic to bring awareness to those who r not aware of the need to conserve power which consumes lots of non-renewable resources,

because we have short supply of power (and every thing else) doesn't advocate wastage.
A better utilization of resources in short supply is always recommended