Friday, March 12, 2010

New Age Mathematics

This is one of the seasons in India, where every parent undergoes tremendous amount of pressure. Called the "Kid's Exam Season".

On my part as a typical Indian parent am spending more time with Her Highness, so that she at least knows the names of her lessons. [My mother says, it is history repeating and shows my past karmic deeds for the current tensions of mine]

The question in mathematics was

Rajesh has 15 coins and he distributes them equally among his three brothers. How many coins each of the brother gets?

"Fifteen divided by Five", pat came the answer - which obviously made me very happy at my teaching capabilities.

My wife came there and asked her, "Why is it fifteen divided by five, not five divided by fifteen?"
for which the response was "I do not know fifteen (multiplication) table, so!!!"

Well, that the life is for you!!

Edits: Thanks to Srini, who pointed out the typo - Fifteen divided by five, it should have been fifteen divided by three and same at all the places. Due to my hurry in writing this post (on a hand held device) the typo.

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Srini said...

Shouldn't there be five brothers to Rajesh to fit the rest of the story? :-)