Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parents Crib

Was reading a blog post of a friend, where a mention of a quote from Confucius was mentioned as

"In olden times, people studies to improve themselves. Today they only study to impress others"

That reminded me of an anecdote from Readers Digest, that I read a long time ago, that in a letter written on papyrus was found in some excavations. In that letter a Roman senator wrote to his friend about his son this way, "He spends more time with his barber than with his teachers."

So all in all, parents always have the same crib, since ages. My parents were always pissed off with my ways of studies, while am doing the same with my kid...


Rakesh said...

So why not break the jinx and make your kid happy :D hehe

PK said...

good one, well said.