Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Road Travel in US

Recently I have had the privilege of travelling on road using the Grey Hound service of US; from Hartford to Washington DC. Contrary to the popular belief in India, that services in US runs on clock and it is always "on time", found that there is no difference between our Red Bus in India and Grey Hounds in US. As a matter of fact Indian Red Bus is a shade better than Grey Hounds. If a service is cancelled at least it is announced in the Public Address System, while for Grey Hound services, no such thing is there... passengers are just left it at that... when you enquire at the service desk, they simply say "I don't know... am trying to reach the driver and am not able to get him online."

That kind of response is never given by Red Bus folks, even if they give, they have the courage to share their manager's telephone number, which was not the case by the Grey Hound jonnies...

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