Monday, July 19, 2010

Symbolism and Mathematics

In general, Gods and Goddesses of Hindu culture when shown in pictures or in symbols - are shown with the Goddess to the left of the God. In other words, female "power" is shown to the left of the male "power".

Let us take the symbolism a little futher, by showcasing the duality as "1" (One) for Male and "0" (Zero) as Female. Then the representation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses shows that Female forms enhance the power/divinity of the Male Gods.

01 is equal to 1, while 10 (with 0 to the left of 1) is 10 times power of the simple 1.

No wonder, in all prayers, Hindus pray to the Lord and his consort together, than Lord alone. And for long Hindu culture respected women as "aadi parashakthi" or the supreme power.

Just some thoughts...

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pranav said...

Apart from this observation. Rig Veda praises Parashakthi in it. The propounders of Rig veda have the lady God on right of male God. During rituals also, lady sits right side to male for Rig vedies. Right side represents strength and left side love (emotion). Hence lady sitting right side of male represetns she is strength to him.(This is my own view, not authenticity :) )