Friday, August 20, 2010

Definition of Joy

Once a three gentlemen from Britain, France and Russia meet up in a party and topic turns towards – what is meaning of Joy.
The Brit starts out saying, ”You walks home on a frosty evening, to find your slippers being warmed beside a lighted fireplace and aroma of freshly brewed Tea greets your nose. What more can one call this apart from Joy!”

The French not being out done by the Brit says, “You go to your beach château in summer and find that you have a sparkling champagne waiting for you in bucket of ice. Then a femme fatale walks over to be your host. What more can one call this, Bonheur and joie!”

Finally the Russian starts out his version of happiness: “There is a knock on your door in the dead of night and when you open the door you find a KGB agent shouts at you ‘Ivan Ivanovich, you are under arrest!’. Then you say, ‘Ivan Ivanovich stays next door!’ and that is what is called Joy!”

Of course, this sounds like a joke on Communist Russia, but a dig deeper, you can see that Joy is being defined by different people differently. There may be many who might be happy to see the sun raise today morning, there are many who might be happy to just have something in their stomach yesterday night. The only thing that matter is “Count your blessings”, misery is around is too much!

Happy weekend ahead!!! {One more thing, there are many who do not have weekends – Agriculture / Daily laborer, BPL folks et al}

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