Friday, August 20, 2010


Long time ago, Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev were travelling in train. The train suddenly stops due to some snag in deep Siberian Ice Desert. The three are informed that the train cannot make it to the next destination and the crew is waiting for their instructions.

Lenin says, “Let the power of People, pull and push the train till Leningrad!”

Stalin says, “Shoot the driver!”

Gorbachev says, “Let us close the windows and pretend that we are moving!”

The above may look like a simple joke to laugh off, but if you look into it a shade deeper, you can find that three of them had tangentially different perceptions about the same event. Likewise, in our own life we come across different perceptions people carry. We cannot satisfy everyone’s perception every time and we need to strike a balance. Be it our customer, spouse, child, parent, colleague, manager etc. Learn to balance perceptions and go on with your life on your own terms – rather than carrying the burden all through the way.

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