Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10K, the run that was walk!

At the Start
On 28-Nov, there was a 10K run for all folks... Though not a health freak, wanted to do something different and got on to the bandwagon.

The run was supposed to be at 7:00 AM for all, but the organizers felt that the corporate types would make more of a nonsense factor to the run, so they kicked off the "professionals" race and it was a delight to see the winner breeze past me as he clocked less than 30 minutes for the run.

That guy was real skeleton, with skin and clean shaved his head to counter the air resistance... seems aerodynamics have gone to runs!

Once the professionals were done with their stuff, we the "fun run" types were flagged off!

Half-Way Through!
 Then instead of running the distance, we (my friends and I) chose to walk the distance. As usual, our iPods, tweets from phones etc were fully active. {There must be a recharge mechanism for these devices, so that one need not worry about battery drain, while walking, as the energy from the shoes' movement would be continuously charging the same back.}

All along the way, there were kiosks of Glucone-D energiser drink, kingfisher water bottles to rehydrate the dehydrated walkers/runner, while the musicians like folks artists to Jazz players entertaining the junta and participants en route.

At every 3 Kms, the Infosys team of volunteers took note that we from Infosys were all safe and sound. Good work from the Infy Organizers, in form of transport, snacks and other co-ordinations.

It took me around 100+ minutes to close the circuit. Felt happy that I did it, esp. after 12 sitting of chemo, 40 sittings of radiation and living on steroids, for me completion of the race was paramount.
Thanks to all my well wishers to have given me the support and enthusiasm all along! It is because of you, that I could do this. Thank you God, for sailing with me all through! Thanks to my parents for  everything! Thank you Doctor!

It may sound like a Vote-Of-Thanks after winning Olympic Gold medal, for me, this is far more important than any other competition!


Cherry Palpallatoc said...

Great!! you should do things that makes you happy more often :-)

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