Friday, June 10, 2011

State of Circus in India

Recently had a chance to visit a circus in Hyderabad, the "Rambo Circus".  This was after few decades that I entered the arena with a lot of expectations - as I remembered that every year during summer vacation had a chance to go to "Jumbo" Circus, "Gemini" Circus etc, which I really enjoyed.

However, this "Rambo" lacked the punch that the namesake had! No tigers, lions, monkeys or even the hippo who comes to eat a loaf of bread. Forget the animals part, (PETA, Green Peace might have made some modifications to the nature of circus.) there were no real acrobats, as many of the props fell down often.

Jokers/Buffons were stale, with their outdated jokes.

The only thing that was fine was the air cooling system that was introduced which helped in beating the summer heat.

Seems Circus and "live" performances are losing charm.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long time, no posts - Why??? Here's why!

In last few months, was busy with several things happening around me. With too many moving parts, did not get time to check into blogs and social n/w sites.