Saturday, April 13, 2013

So much for automation and technology!

I recently for a credit card from a reputed bank, if you want to know, it is one of the bank which was also targeted recently for providing cushion for black money holders. They call themselves to be “banker to most of the corporate in India”.

The literature given along with the card mentions that one needs to call their call center and set up their PIN; that is where my trouble started.
  1. Their call center doesn't provide the option of a customer routing themselves to the said IVR to set the PIN. 
  2. The alternative it to “talk” to their Customer Service Representative (CSR) who can help.
  3. Tried reaching the said CSR and was kept on hold for more than 15 minutes many a times, with no luck – as they are always “talking to other customers” – as if am not a customer.
  4. Finally today I could reach one of the CSRs and then he conferenced me with the IVR.
  5. When I started to interact with the system, there was no response.
  6. The CSR suggested that I call back after 2 hours.

So much for the technology and the use of it to “automate” lives and provide Customer Satisfaction! Huh!!
I do know when some of my “friends” read this, they would ascribe things like “lack of patience”, “too high a bar in life” etc.  

22-Feb-2014 update regarding the Airlines what fancies "On Time, Every Time"!!!

  1. There are two flights from Chennai to Delhi in the evening and those two are from the same gate. The first one got delayed and by the time the second flight needs to be boarded, they started to board the first one. The Bar-Code scanner of the boarding pass did not alert the agent at the gate and accepted the passenger. Only at the bus, another manual check gave out that the passenger was about to board the first not the second. {Who spoke of automation and use of IT???}
  2. Am not sitting in Delhi airport and writing this. They called my house's land line to inform that my flight is delayed. I have checked in, have the boarding pass and they have my mobile number too. But still prefer to call my home to tell that flight is delayed. {In this age and times of mobility, there are still some bumms who prefer calling landline, not push a message to the passenger. Cost of STD to Chennai would be more than sms to mobile. Bulk sms purchases are always given at lower cost.}